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Chronology GSC

RESUME for Augustus Gustavius “Gus” Salvatore Calabrese
Email address:
Phone:        720.222.1309 office    303.908.7716 cell
4337 Raleigh Street    Suite 1215     Denver, CO       80212


I was  a restaurant handyman way back when.  This included repairing restaurant appliances, plumbing , electrical , HVAC , and cleaning toilets that were jammed.



Debian Linux Samba Server
SheevaPlug Debian support
SheevaPlug  webcam support
Fixed camera support using Icarus software
Development of Project Management seminars based on James Bond , Goldratt, Deming and others.
Development of teaching aids for Business Ethics
Support of Moodle application ….

YouTube videos are located at




A335-6 Wireless IPhone slave hardware project

A228 Snow Bug project

Board repair for North Carolina Nuclear power plant

Remodeling a Duplex with advance electronic home features

Rebuilding a diesel truck ( the HULK )  with advanced electronic features


Projects modifying camcorders for aerial video work
More work on DSO called the multiAnalyser
Board repair for North Carolina Nuclear power plant
Development work on Mars Sandbox and Rover   A267
Wireless design work with ZigBee modules from MaxStream


Developing non-profit educational mobile delivery system.  Based on RTD bus from Southern California.  See
Developing a desktop XYZ module for scanning objects in 3D and rendering them in 3D.   8" by 10" by 3"
Developing video sewer cam and robotic sewer cleanup.  Very portable.
Developing Open source MultiAnalyser electronic test device.  see
Developing low-cost, easy maintenance medium duty tracked vehicle for dirt and snow


Designed, coded, documented and deployed Filemaker databases ( Filemaker 6.0 )

Designed and deployed wireless networks based on 2.4 and 5 GHz systems. Systems included licensed and unlicensed frequencies. Systems included multi-point LAN and point to point WAN systems. Example : Proxim QuickBridge 20 and 60 systems operating at 5 GHz. Point to point between industrial buildings.


Development of educational package based on Mars Exploration and colonization. Includes lesson packets and educational materials such as a Mars Rover ( 1/20th scale ) robotic trainer.


Operation of excavator and skid loader to build dirt roads and dig foundations for mountain homes.



Designed, documented, installed and tested wireless networks based on 802.11x

Designed, documented, prototyped, tested micro-processor controlled electro-mechanical system for sports company.

Produced video shorts (interviews, cartoons, product announcements)
Produced using DV video equipement, computer editing and delivered via DVDs, CDs and VHS tapes

US West project
Historic Oriental Theatre Project
US West
PIC (microprocessor by Microchip Inc.) based ultrasound unit with LCD display. Unit
is powered by a 12 volt lead acid battery. PIC monitors battery voltage. Inductive
pump-up circuit creates a "ping" voltage of 450VDC. Return echo is sampled by an
ADC and samples are stored. Stored values are displayed on graphic LCD.
Websites developed and suported:
DSP camera control (Closed Circuit Products)
Using Hypercard (MacIntosh) and Visual Basic (Windows) , products using DSP
cameras are being developed. Digital Signal Processing cameras are the cutting edge
of video and CCP is applying them to custom applications including jewelry recording,
surveillance, and security systems.
Developing Micro-processor based devices to detect preganancy in humans and
animals. Based on ultra-sonic principles, the units include graphic LCDs,
sophisticated power control (battery operated portable), data massaging and more.
Initiated and supporting Animarks web page.
Hand-held Laser device (under development)
Electronics and software for laser gun that treats soft tissue injuries. Product includes
80C535 processor, PWM chips from Harris Semiconductor, LCD display, keypad
and RS-232 interface. Software written in C and Forth. Assisted with membrane
keypad artwork and layout. Developed scheme for maximizing battery life.
Safety Monitor (under development)
Electronics and software, packaging for a safety device which will prevent electrocution
and property damage. Product includes wireless communications and small remote
Voice Recorder Novelty Product (under development)
Product records and plays back audio messages. Electronics are installed in Art
Objects such as plastic lizards, plants, carvings and play message back when picked
up. Uses state of art analog EEPROM chips.
Logic Analyzer/MultiDAQ (under development)
Developing unit to capture digital and analog data and display results on a PC. Unit
will use PLD from Xilinx to integrate many of the functions.
Restaurant Development and support
Performed analysis and maintenance of existing restaurant. This included electrical,
plumbing, HVAC, Equipment. Also developed a business plan for a new restaurant
concept along with a restaurant general manager and a head chef.
Parts supply
Supplied parts and support to security systems in the Nuclear Power plant
RGB Video Inverter
Developed electronics to invert RGB signals coming from a color camera. Used to look
at color film negatives.
Totalizer (Usage monitor for power utilities)
Upgraded software on unit that was used to monitor power meters. Added more
functions, larger accumulation buffer and supported enhanced display.
Programmer support software
Wrote HyperCard based package to allow user to download data to memory device
programmer. Included automatic function invocation by pressing buttons on screen.
Visual interface.
WWW Webpage support for Fistell MicroElectronics
developed web pages, designed linkages
Automobile Dimensioner
continued from 1995
Newton PDA
Decoded and programmed Newton personal digital assistant to talk to HP48 printer
with infrared interface. Tested NSBasic software routines for George Henne.
NSBasic is a basic language that runs directly on the Newton PDA.
Ultrasonic cleaning unit
This unit used two FET transistors in a half-H-bridge configuration to drive a tuned LC
circuit which included two piezo-electric disks attached to a stainless steel tank. also
used International Rectifier FET driver chip. LeDuc Enterprises
Automobile measuring unit
(XYZ dimensioning) used HP48G calculator which was used as the controller. The
HP48G language was used. designed optical track that used both absolute and
relative location markers. designed hardware/software for imbedded micro-processors.
used Forth language. also had to deal with battery-power issues. LeDuc
Evaluation of Dental Control unit
reviewed the design of a unit that controlled a dental examination head (lighting, air
supply, suction)

SEAM 95 Conference
Assisted in implementation of the conference. Organized Data Aqusition Shootout
event. Presented seminar on Data Aqusition using low cost microprocessors and
X-10 development
developed interface to PLIX from Circuit Cellar
developed interface to TW523 (xcvr module)
X-10 is a system developed by BSR to allow control functions to be performed using
powerlines as the communications pathway.
Point of Sale POS display
Developed vacu-flourescent display unit. Async serial interface to PC Computer.
Design and manufactured vacu-form smoked plastic enclosure.
PAX product development
developed small PCBs (some PIC based) that allowed the inexpensive control of RS-
232 based devices, digital I/O, A/D and more. These modules were based on ASCII
commands including the addressing. These modules work in conjunction with
HyperBob which is mentioned elsewhere.
HyperBob development developed a software development system called HyperBob
which allowed the automation of certain software code development (especially
Forth) and allowed the automated testing of hardware. Scripting was ASCII based.

Before 1995

Magazine Articles, Cartoons
PDA Magazine described optical interface methods for Newton PDA.
MacSciTech Magazine co-authored articles on robotics
MacSciTech Magazine wrote article on communication methods which included
MacSciTech CD-ROM CD incuded material from me about communications topics and
automation and robotics
Cartoons for Libertarian Newsletter

Worked in suburb of Chicage as part of a team to evaluate product development. The
product was a automated clinical tool to evaluate blood tests. The main thrust of my
job was to evaluate how well the technical departments were working together
(software, mechanical, electronics, and production)
Solid State Instruments
Energy demand monitor PC based Monitored energy demand data coming from
electrical meters and made load shed decisions

SSD (Solid State Development)
Laser printer development... the laser printer was to produce specialized labels for the
garment industry.
Marketing development using design seminars developed plans to conduct business
seminars and product development seminars at locations around Chicago.
Contacted schools and organizations and made arrangements for presentation of the
CPL Carolina Power and Light Nuclear
Developed a majority of the hardware and firmware for the security system that was
installed at CPL. Once the system was developed and the hardware built, the
system was integrated and tested in Denver. Bob Linfield, President of SIA and I
ran an acceptance test in Denver for CPL to observe. The system components were
then moved down to New Hill, North Carolina and I installed much of the hardware
on site. For years afterward, I supplied hardware to the site. (Thru 1995)
FPL Florida Power and Light Nuclear
Developed hardware and firmware for the security system that was installed at FPL.
A system for one reactor already existed at the site. The job consisted of integrating
new systems for a second reactor. I installed much of the additional hardware on site.
For years afterward, I supplied hardware to the site. (Thru 1995)
APS Arizona Power Nuclear
Made several trips to APS to consult on the proper equipment to install as upgrades at
the Power Plant.
Hanford, Washington State Nuclear Power Plant
Hanford was one of my security system customers. I supplied replacement hardware
to them.
Mobil Oil Building New York, NY
I spent weeks onsite at the MOB to install a security system that included walk-thru
turnstiles, door controllers and camera control.
Digital Group
Digital group was a startup company at the same time as Apple Computer. Digital
Group went to the same trade shows as Apple. While working for Digital Group I did
many different things including:
trade show representative
shipping department manager
repair department manager
production department manager
hardware design engineer (video card, power supplies)
software design engineer (video card drivers)
technical writer
newspaper handling equipment (inserter) PC sent commands and received data from
imbedded Intel micro-processors. I was the chief engineer and was responsible for the
hardware and software designs. I also trained the other technical people on use of
development equipment. This project included board projects from Intel. The code
was written in assembly language and in Basic.
XYZ Robotic table
Developed a language for controlling a robot with 3 degrees of freedom. the language
was written in Forth and was easy to modify.
Did volunteer work for Denver International Film Festival (DIFF). reviewed movies
and events . Published reviews on the Internet.

Took courses in video production, camera operation, remote van operations, directing,
lighting and editing at Denver Community Television. Produced some short videos
which were shown. Worked on the camera for some productions by other
director/producers. DCTV is a community cable television station.
Logical Devices
Worked in production department, worked in tech support department, developed web
page material, developed new products.
CCD Chemistry PAK
Developed hardware and software for a unit that scanned Chemistry PAKs using a
CCD array. The Chemistry PAK had reaction sites and control sites and the CCD
compared the two. The unit included chips that used i2c protocol. There was a
keypad, graphic LCD, battery pack, 8088 microprocessor and CCD support
electronics, Done for IDEXX Inc.

University of Colorado (1972)
designed and built large format LED electronic timer/ scoring display
Case Western University Cleveland, Ohio
worked in development lab to create electronics for rehabilitation of quadrapalegic
Business Seminars
Security System Seminars
WFT Electronics, Denver, CO 1983-Present
President and Owner
Barnes Engineering, Denver, CO 1982-1983
Technical Manager/Firmware
Designer/Electronics Engineer
Leger Corporation, Denver, CO 1980-1982
Chief Engineer

SciPro, Denver, CO 1979-1980
Electronic and Packaging Engineer

Ampex, Denver, CO 1978-1979
Digital Engineer
Digital Group, Denver, CO 1975-1978
Design Engineer, part Owner

Skill Set

Computer Hardware
Conference Organizer
Film and Video
Project Management
Web Design

Level of expertise: (H) High, (M) Medium
---- Microprocessors ----
6800 (H) , 6801 (H)
6803 (H)
68HC05 (M)
68000 (M)
8080 (M)
Z-80 (M)
6502 (M)
68HC11 (M)
PIC family (Microchip Inc.) (M)
---- Operating Systems ---
RSX11-M (L)
Macintosh OS (H)
Windows 95 (M)
---- Applications ----
Excel and other spreadsheets
Word processors Microsoft Word, WriteNow, Habaword and many more (M)
Drawing Programs many products on Windows and MacIntosh (H)
Pagemaker page layout (M)
Web page editors Windows and MacIntosh (M)
---- Languages ----
C for embedded processors (M)
Basic (H)
Forth on various processors (M)
Pascal (M)
Assembler for many kinds of processors (H)
Microprocessor simulators (H)
4D Database (M)
---- Sensors ----
pressure analog output (M)
linear light arrays (M)
CCD arrays (M)
temperature (M)
Hall Effect (magnetic flux) (H)
---- Integrated Circuits ---
74Cxx series CMOS (H)
74HCxx series (H)
4000 series CMOS (H)
A/Ds of many types (H)
D/As of many types (H)
Op Amps audio, precision, video (M)
Power Mosfets (M)
power supply controllers (M)
MOSFET ballast controllers (M)
Glue logic (H)
---- OptoElectronics ----
LEDs (H)
Optosensors of many varieties (H)
CCDs (M)
Linear Arrays (M)

---- Equipment ----
Oscilloscope (H)
frequency counter (H)
DMMs (H)
Spectrum Analyzer (M)
Logic Analysers (H)
Microprocessor emulators (H)
Datascope, Logic
Analyzers, Oscilloscopes,
Spectrum Analyser, DMM,
Microprocessor Emulators,
Signal Generators,
Frequency Monitor, and
Sander, Drills, Drill Press,
Sheet Metal Bender,
Vertical Mill,
Bandsaw, Table Saw, Radial
Arm Saw, Electric Welder,
Welder/Cutter, SawzAll,
---- Fabrication ----
Milling (M)
Bandsaw (M)
Vacu-forming (M)
Drilling (M)
Hammering!!!!! (H+)
Small Molds (M)

---- Networking ----
422 networks (H)
RS-232 single / multi-drop
AppleTalk LocalTalk (M)
i2c (H)
Access Bus (M)
IrDA (H)
---- PCB ---
layout (M) VAMP(Macintosh layout) (M), Protel(Windows) (M) Taping (M)
schematic capture (M)
---- Electromechnical ----
Stepper Motors (H)
Servo Motors (M)
Relays (H)
Solenoids (H)
Gearing, shafts, belts, pulleys, cams (M)
---- Management ----
Project management (H)
task planning/scheduling (H)
resource allocation (H)
service/repair (M)
production (M)
shipping (M)
---- Design ----
system design (H)
technical writing (H)
graphics design (M)
user interfaces (H)
real time processing (H)
embedded Processors (H)
---- Products ------ (These are products I have used)
X-10 Powerline carrier remote control and data aquistion

---- Design areas ----
Home Automation

Certifications and Courses of Study

Landmark Forum – seminar in personal and business relationships



I am looking for contract opportunities in the fields of electronic design, product design, project management, computer design and company design.  I am particularly interested in start-ups and newly launched projects.

Portfolio -- diagram and info about web site development        streaming video and captioning project          Thermoelectric cooling project
Velleman temperature sensor adaptation
Velleman relay board adapted for control and data aquisition
New Micros NMIN-0021A Forth board for procees control and data aquisition