Friday, August 23, 2013

jy proposal writer, technical writer-editor

Joanne Yamaguchi   PhD, PMP, CCNA, MCSE

Objective: Contribute my skills and interest in learning and technology to efficiently bring people together to achieve results as a proposal writer, technical writer-editor, & graphics editor lead.

Summary of Skills

§  Proposal writer, project manager and lead, with experience in Enterprise Corporate Environments, Medical Groups, Aerospace, Telecommunications, Publication for Online Medical Courses, Web Design, Design and Installation of Wireless Networking Systems.
§  13 years of consulting for project management, network management, database management
§  Extensive methodology and proposal experience
§  Proven ability to manage and complete projects on time, on budget, and exceeding client expectations
§  Full life cycle implementation/deployment project experience
§  Experience in integration projects including multiple versions of particular management systems, as well as multiple software deployments
§  Strong communication and executive presentation skills
§  Talent for balancing and meeting client, team, and business needs
§  Certified project manager (PMP) with the Project Management Institute (PMI)


  • Contract work in proposal writing, network engineering, technical customer support, and business writing. (As I cannot submit writing samples of proposal work due to confidentiality agreements, I shall submit two business writing samples: “Drinks Marketing” and “Beyond J.D. Power and Associates”.)
  • Technical customer support in areas of network troubleshooting
  • Network engineering implementation and documentation of networks
Instructor in Business Ethics, Critical Thinking     Metro State College     Denver
§  Responsible for design, development, and teaching of business ethics courses

March – April 2008

  • Raytheon GPS project

June 2006 – December 2007
Ethics Advisor for aeronautics corporation    Denver, Colorado
§  Responsible for development and administration of corporate policies in relation to security and ethical issues both within the corporation, and in relation to government and the public

  • May 2006 – June 2006

  • Nissan Corporate Headquarters   Gardena, California
  • Project Manager as single point of Nissan contact for IBM ITS migration team tasked with data/apps migration from Gardena to new Nissan headquarters in Nashville, Tennessee.
§  Responsible for designing tracking tool for the application testing team, to ensure that response times over the WAN will be satisfactory for the user.
§  Responsible for coordinating meetings with Nissan departments, IBM, and Nissan migration team members, to determine application usage and database locations.
§  Responsible for preparing reports and presentations on the status of the migration effort to upper management.
§  Responsible for writing and distributing minutes from the daily technical war room teleconference.
§  Responsible for coordinating daily maintenance of the IBM Project Manager’s MS Project plan, as well as the Migration Matrix that is located on a share drive.

  • February 2006 – April 2006

  • Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company   Waterton, CO
  • Team Lead and Tech Editor for Tech Research Volume of Lockheed Martin’s CEV (Crew Exploration Vehicle) Proposal
§  Responsible for designing tracking mechanisms and architecture for organizing complex patterns of submissions from authors, transmission to layout editors, transferring files from editors to either text editors and to graphic artists, creating or re-creating links to the parent directories
§  Developed project plan and schedule for implementing conversions and deliverables to REPRO (reproduction) on time for shipment to NASA
§  Managed five person team and winning bid

  • Team Lead and Tech Editor for Final Trade Studies proposal (GOES-R) regarding satellite research in aeronautics Proposal.

  • {Responsibilities on this second project similar to first project}

  • August 2005 – February 2006

  • Etrinsic – A True Learning Experience    Louisville, CO
  • Project Manager and Instructional Designer
  • (Etrinsic was a 3-D publishing company that produced custom simulation-based elearning solutions that enabled healthcare and life science professionals to learn by doing. Etrinsic’s Learning Management System included a testing and reporting function that delivered simulation enabled content, and measured user proficiency.)

§  Responsible for managing projects for entire life cycle, beginning with preliminaries preparations for initial meetings with clients, developing timelines and timeline reviews through alpha, beta, and gold deliveries, ensuring that the scope of the project remained within scope, issuing change orders whenever there was agreement with the client that the project should expand in scope, differentiating between monthly versus delivery-based payment schedules and ensuring timely payments
§  Responsible for organizing Kick-Off meetings as well as In-Service visits with clients
§  Responsible for daily or weekly status update meetings with artists and instructional designers who comprised the production team for each project
§  Responsible for receiving branding information, CAD files, and equipment from clients, tracking them on a client-inventory spreadsheet, then returning materials at the termination of a project
§  Responsible for communication with the client, scheduling and conducting regular weekly meetings (using Macromedia Breeze simultaneously with teleconferencing) with client representatives, artists, and instructional designers present
§  Responsible for managing development and deployment of various medical elearning (3-D animation/simulation) projects on subjects including cardiac assist insertions and monitoring, surgical devices and equipment, and circulatory support
§  Responsible for resource management, budget, schedule, quality and scope management, client interaction, and team communication

  • 2002 – 2005

  • Timberwoolfe Networks   Front Range, CO
  • Project Manager and Consultant
§  Responsible for managing design and deployment of wireless networks
§  Responsible for resource management, client interaction and satisfaction
§  Responsible for web design and development for clients


§  Project Management Professional certification (PMP)
§  Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP)
§  Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)
§  A+ Certification
§  Security+ Certification

§  Tools: HTML, XML, Macromedia (Adobe) applications, Visio, InDesign, InCopy

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