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Overview  ===========
Joanne Yamaguchi and Gus S. Calabrese have been partners since 1990.  Most of that time they have been located in Denver, CO.  Currently operating out of home offices at 4337 Raleigh Street  Denver , CO  80212  JY ==> cell phone 720 236 8000       Gus==>  office 720 362 1866
Joanne and Gus are the same age ... born in 1951,  currently they have no detectable brain diseases.

Joanne is now looking for additional work.  She would prefer telecommuting.  Contract gigs are okay.  Joanne is very good at customer support ,  teaching , ethics , technical support , writing, and project management.  Joanne has a PhD in Philosophy.

Gus is looking for start-up opportunities.  He has been involved in start-ups since 1974.   He is very creative and great at trouble-shooting.  Gus has a wide range of skills.  He can repair most anything.  Gus has a BSEE/CS ( Bachelors in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science ) degree.

( sorry about the mess that my CV and resume is ...  i may not live long enough to sort through it all )

Index for JY  ==========
Personal Information 
jy instructional designer, technical writer, project manager  here 
jy technical writer & graphics editor lead   here  
jy proposal writer, technical writer-editor    here
Index for GSC  ===========
Skills   here
Chronology  here
Personal Information   here
Hi Tech HandyHuman   here
Tech Advice
Index for Cinternational / WFTelectronics  ===
Equipment & Tools    here

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